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Let's shop and save!

Welcome to the world of online global money-saving: Flipit. 
This is where people come to take advantage of the best shopping deals online. Maybe you have a particular item that you'd like to purchase, or perhaps a favourite shop that you want to scour for the most recent discounts. Whether you have a shop in mind that you'd like to buy from, or a general category you'd like to explore for that extra gift-inspiration, Flipit is where you can do both. You'll save valuable time shopping for your next buy this way, but that's not even the best part!

Flipit India: a revolutionary way to save online

Flipit is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the best offers and coupon codes for a satisfying and real money-saving experience.
Every day, our professional team work to bring you the greatest discounts. So, if you want to be the first to know about these daily deals then you've come to the right place! Start by browsing through our list of shops and popular category list. 

We're also here to help you maximise your savings beyond coupons and offers.
Check out our Money Saving Guides to discover even more ways you can save up through our clever and inisightful tips for ultimate saving.  

Do you want an even richer, personalised couponing experience? Well then be sure to explore our exclusive coupons and offers by becoming a free member of Flipit, and gain full access to Flipit's member-only codes!  


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Personalise your shopping.
It's true that discounts are available for everybody that visits Flipit, but you can make your shopping experience all the more special by becoming a member. You can create your own personal profile on Flipit to start having access to our exclusive member-only codes that give you higher discounts at no additional cost.  

Become a member, become a Smart Shopper!
Becoming a member at Flipit is not just about having exclusive access to special coupon codes, it's also about having easier access to your favourite shops and coupons. 

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That's right, becoming a Flipit member is free of charge! So, what are you still waiting for? Start personalising your shopping experience and become a Smart Shopper today.

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New promo codes every day

D is for Daily Discounted Deals.
Flipit editors are always searching for new coupon codes, deals and offers on a daily basis. From discounts on clothing and fashion to food, toys and electronics, there's a coupon code or offer for almost everything out there. We already benefit from these discounts, and now we are offering you the chance to benefit too! Every day, new codes and deals are added onto the site. If you couldn't find what you were looking for today, come again tomorrow -- you're bound to come across something new. We care to update the offers we have available on the website daily so that you can benefit from the latest valid codes that the internet has to offer all in one place. 

Don't hassel yourself with tedious online searches. Flipit is here to do that for you, and save you time, so just sit back and enjoy your new service. Let's shop and save, shall we?


What are coupon codes?

If you're a fan of discounted shopping, then you're probably familiar with discount voucher cards that you can cut out of a newspaper or magazine. You've probably used these vouchers to redeem your costs at grocery shops, restaurants or your local convenient store before. However, paper vouchers are becoming less popular nowadays and are slowly being replaced with online/digital coupon codes such as the ones that Flipit has to share with you. Instead of wasting all that paper, be green with Flipit: simply copy-paste the coupon code you like into the correct code box provided on the website of the shop you're interested in as you go through the payment process and Bob's your uncle! 

Different terminology used for "coupons"

The term "coupon" is just one out of many other terms that are used on different shopping websites including Flipit. Coupon codes are also known as vouchers, promos (short for promotional), discount codes or simply offers. The most important thing to remember though is that they all mean the same thing in the end: discount, discount, discount! 

Moreover, coupon codes can be used for all kinds of discounts. The most common discounts you can expect whilst using a coupon code are:

  • A fixed percentage off of your total order (ex: 10% off)
  • A fixed amount off your total order (ex: Rs. 50,- discount)
  • A discount with a minimal order value (ex: 10% discount for orders of Rs. 100,- or above)
  • A discount valid only on certain products (ex: 10% discount on all shoes)
  • Free delivery

Introducing Fliplit Plus: Money Saving Guides!

Do you ever wonder how it is that some people always manage to save money eventhough their wardrobe is overflowing with beautiful new silks and saris? Our Money Saving Guides will help you become one of those people while also adding on to your collection of fashion and more, of course. Beyond the world of coupons and cheap webshops made available for you via Flipit, we share our experience of how to spend less and gain more in your everyday life as well so that your home and traditions can also benefit from our global money-saving tips.  

Therefore, these guides are aimed at covering a wealth of topics that concern your financial comfort both on and offline.  

Would you like to help us?

Do you have any ideas on how to save money that you'd like to share with us? Or maybe you'd like to read about a specific 'how-to-save-on' topic that we haven't touched upon yet. Your ideas mean a lot to us. Afterall, we're writing these guides for you, so please contact us if you'd like to contribute to our Saving Guide section.?