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How to make the most out of eBay's search

1)  Use their advanced search settings like a boss.

  • Add quotation marks to your search query (ex: "red t-shirt") and the results you see should include that exact phrase.
  • If you decide you want your search results to include both red t-shirts and red skirts for instance, you should learn how to use parentheses effectively. red (t-shirt, skirt) will return results of red t-shirts and/or red skirts.
  • If you woant to refine your search to exclude certain elements, learn how to use the "-" sign. Placing a minus sign before a word (attached to it, no space) will make sure your results don't include that criterion. Take for example: red skirt -polyester. This will return all red skirts that are not made from polyester. 

2) Change the "sort" function.

The default sort function on eBay is set to "Best match" which uses an algorithm to sort results according to what's relevant, how popular an item is, when the auction time for items end and a seller's track record. Change the sort button to suit your needs the most. If saving money is your priority, go for "Price + P&P: lowest first" to yield results with the lowest product price as well as lowest packaging and postage price (P&P).

  • Note: If you only choose "Price: lowest first", eBay will return results with the lowest item prices, but may not be considering the costs of packaging and other shipping costs that may tilt the final price. 

3) Follow searches. 

Following enables your eBay feed with relevant content whenever you log in. If you're looking through eBay for a particular product, but can't seem to find an exact match, you can decide to "follow (this) search" to set up your eBay newsfeed and can also take it a step further by ticking on "email me new items that match this interest" in order to be sent email notifications whenever new items under the same category are listed. 

4) Making deliberate spelling mistakes can help.
It's strange, but how many times have you incorrectly spelt something only to get back an interesting result that wouldn't have appeared in the first place without the typo? Likewise, sellers are only human and they can make all sorts of typos that eBay will not correct on their behalf. So if you're looking for a Givenchy product, but can not find what you want under "Givenchy" (the correct spelling), try "Givency" instead- you never know!

5) Include description. 

A lot of people think that search engines will return results that include what you put in search from the descriptions of the items themself, but this is not necessarily true. You have to enable the "include description" box right beneath the "search" button in order to expand your search to an item's description too.  

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Different eBay india coupons
- There are alot of eBay bank offers in association with HDFC, Sbi and other banks in India that like to give away discounts when you shop at eBay with their credit/debit card
- eBay app offers will also help you gain an extra discount when you shop using the eBay app
- From time to time, eBay also give out a free eBay free shipping coupon so that you don't have to worry about shipping costs

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