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Why we love Qoo10 (and why you will too!)

Bestsellers and Hot Deals

Qoo10 has dedicated sections for the day's Bestsellers and Hot Deals. Find out what products have the best savings for the day.

Free shipping on selected products

Qoo10 often includes free delivery on specific products, as addition to discounts, or on multi-buys when ordered for domestic shipping.

Wide range of payment methods

You can pay in 9 ways at Qoo10, including credit card, PayPal and direct cash deposit.

Great brands at cheap prices

Qoo10 has great deals on international brands including Coach, Michael Cors and Pandora.

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Uber Singapore
  • Verified by Flipit
  • Valid from 10 November to 30 September 2017
Grab this offer now: Open Uber Singapore website
    1. New users only
    2. For Singapore and overseas
    3. Spend minimum $600 on retail to be eligible for 20% cashback, not just Uber rides
    4. More info: sc.com/sg/uber


How to find what I’m looking for?

You can search for your items through category navigation tool and select the main and sub- categories. Also, you can use the keyword by typing it into the search engine tool. Alternatively, use the item code number or item name.

How can I place an order on Qoo10?

First, open the item detail and select the quantity. Then click on the drop-down list and choose type from the listing. Click on Add to cart and Go to cart. Check your shopping list and if you are satisfied with what you see, click on Place an Order. Fill in your personal details. Choose the method of payment, fill in your payment information and Click on Order now. Then you can see the summary of your order.

What should be my delivery address for a successful delivery?

Different delivery companies have different conditions. In general, if you are you having your item delivered by normal mail, you can fill in your home address. If you opt for a courier, you should consider that your package can be delivered in the working hours. Therefore, you can receive it at your workplace.

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