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    What is a discount code?

    You have probably used a voucher or coupon for discount on your grocery shopping before. The difference here is that instead of cutting out a coupon from a newspaper, these vouchers are digital so when you come to and find a coupon, you can redeem it online.

    Different types of discount codes

    Coupon codes give you all kinds of discounts. Webshops can differ in what they call coupon codes. Most shops call them coupon codes, promo codes, discount codes, vouchers etc. They all give discount, and they all mean the same thing. The most common discounts include:

    • A percentage off of your order (10% discount on a television)
    • A fixed amount taken off of your order ($50,- discount of a flight)
    • A minimum order discount (15% discount on orders above $120,-)
    • A discount valid on specific products (15% discount off of all shoes) Free shipping (free delivery until 1 May)

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