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Convenient, Quick and Easy

Grab is convenient and reliable. Simply enter your pickup location and desired destination and you'll be connected to your driver in less than 5 minutes. You can even track your driver when he's on his way to you!

Choose from different services

When using Grab, you can choose from GrabCar, GrabHitch or GrabTaxi - all depending on what suits your needs best. You can even use Grab for Work, perfect for companies and all without the unnecessary paperwork and hassle.

Safe, Reliable Drivers

Grab's drivers are carefully vetted and committed to safety. With the Grab app, you can let loved ones track your ride and see where you are.

Lower Fare

Grab provides complete transparency, so you know the fare before booking a ride. Toll charges are not covered by Grab though, so keep this in mind!

Grab promotion

From time to time, you'll find various promotions such as saving RM5 on 5 rides or RM3 to selected destinations, all without a promo code.

Grab promo code Malaysia

Every month, you can find new Grab promo code Malaysia either for Grabhitch or Grabcar, allowing you to save more on your journey.

How to apply your Grab promo code Malaysia

How to apply your promo code to your ride

In your Grab app, enter in your destination and where you wish to be picked up. Select which service you wish to use (GrabCar, GrabTaxi or GrabHich), then click Next.

NB: Check the validity of your Grab promo code as they often specify certain times of the day and dates!

grabcar promo code how to apply

Apply your promo code

On the next screen, enter your Grab promo code, approve the fare then select Confirm Booking. Note that you will receive an SMS confirmation once you have successfully redeemed your promo code

Sit back and wait for your taxi to arrive!

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