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Every day our editors go out on the world wide web to find the newest and best promo codes for Flipit.com. This way you can stay up to date with every coupon and offer from your favourite stores. On top of that we give you free advice on how to save even more cash.

(1) You simply look for your favourite store and look at the available promo codes and offers. (2) Next, click on the coupon and the code appears in a new window. (3) Copy this code and enter it in the online shop to redeem your discount. (4) Wait on your online purchase at home or get it delivered at work!

Exclusive promo codes

Certain online shops are so popular among our Malaysian visitors that we have decided to contact them directly for exclusive discounts and codes. This means there are several exclusive promo codes available on Flipit Malaysia which you won't find anywhere else. With these exclusive codes, you can save even more money on products or services that you love! These exclusive promo codes are only available on Flipit.com, so we advise you to start your search here because then you will always find the best deals. At the moment there are exclusive codes available for:

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How do we make money?

Flipit is a real example of a win-win-win situation. You get a discount on your order, the online shop sells more products, and Flipit gets commission for each sale which is made. This way it isn't necessary to have annoying banners or pop-up ads and you can easily search for the best discount codes. Everybody Wins!

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