Are you on the lookout for new ways to attract visitors to your shop? By advertising on, your webshop will generate greater exposure to Flipit users everyday, which will be immediately visible in your results and profit. Below you will find a brief explanation of how can serve to benefit your webshop and how you can contact us.


There are several advertising options to choose from using your shop or webshop. You can do a webshop review, or place coupons, codes and offers on the website. There is also the opportunity for an exclusive partnership. Although it is not a requirement to offer a promo code on, we strongly recommend to do so to increase the effect of the campaign. In addition to Flipit Malaysia, there are many other countries we work with, allowing you the opportunity to set up an international campaign to give your brand and products greater exposure.


When an advertiser submits an application, the account manager will assess the quality of the shop and we retain the right to refuse any advertiser. This way we keep a high standard of quality and we expose our visitors only to the best coupons and deals.

Affiliate marketing

The website is based on affiliate earnings. This means that the online shops connected to are also connected to an affiliate network such as Zanox or Affiliatewindow. This way every sale, lead or click is being tracked and paid a commission. If you want to advertise on, it is therefore advisable to log on to one of the affiliate networks, see what options there are and then contact our account manager.


Are you interested in advertising on Don't hesitate to contact the Account Manager of Flipit/Global Savings Group, Mayank Sharma at