Easy Online Shopping with Visa Checkout

By Monika     November 11, 2016   |  back to Flipit plus

Here’s How Easy It Is to Shop Online with Visa Checkout

How many of you have agonised over the thought of having to whip out your wallet, pull out your credit card, and retype all your details once again by the time you’ve just finished shopping on your third website of the day? 

It’s a necessity because how else will we pay for our purchases and ensure it’s delivered to the right address? We can’t skip it and it must be done. But now, there’s an easier way to do things which saves you time! 

Visa Checkout is sort of like an online wallet. All you need to do is create an account, save all your card details (debit or credit card), your shipping details, and voila! Next time you shop online, at the checkout page select Visa Checkout and all your details would have already been stored and keyed in for you. 

Easy as 1-2-3. You can create your account here. But if you want to get yourself a couple of free Chatime drinks, you could sign up with CompareHero.my and if you’re one of the first lucky 50 sign ups of the day, you win! Sign up here until the end of November 2016. 

What’s so great about it? 
1.    All your details stored in a single account, you can save multiple cards in one account so don’t worry if you have more than one credit card! 
2.    Visa Checkout works on any device so you can use it while shopping on your mobile phone or tablet or desktop
3.    Also works with MasterCard and American Express issued cards 
4.    It’s FREE! 
5.    Available with over 200 merchants in Malaysia including Golden Screen Cinemas, Superbuy.com, SweetSpot Digital, Little Whiz, Twenty3, Avenue87, Malindo Air, CUTI and more! Some of them offer great deals when you shop with your Visa Checkout account such as Buy 1 Free 1 movie tickets with GSC Malaysia.

Rest assured your data is safe and you’ll get to enjoy fast, secure, and convenient online shopping. If you’d like to see how it works, watch the demo video here.

This article is contributed by CompareHero.my, Malaysia’s trusted financial comparison portal dedicated to saving you time and money by comparing all credit cards, broadband plans and personal loans in Malaysia.

Image sources: CompareHero.my, Wikimedia Commons


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