Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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Black Ops 3 is back

How far should we as humans go in the pursuit of being faster, stronger or smarter? With all these advancements, are we better off as a society? These are the themes that will be explored in the all new Call of Duty game that is set in Singapore. It’s an examination of the possible future humanity is heading towards and how geopolitical events could turn out, according to Activision and Treyarch of course. 

Transhumanism and headshots

The new COD game is set in a future where the advancement of technology outpaces societal acceptance, much like how the internet affects legislation around the world with governments being slow to act. This can be glimpsed in the "Ember" trailer for the game. 

The premise of the story is the acceleration of human augmentation. We see how humanity has gone through history in an attempt to better itself. The beginning, like most things, is done with good intentions. As the trailer progresses we start to see the turning point, where a strife between augmented and non-augmented people starts to foster. This can already be seen in our contemporary world, with Oscar Pistorius's fight to being included in the Olympics. The progression evolves to the point where it becomes a luxury, like the new and improved plastic surgery. The only issue is that this has real physical world consequences. Questions of discrimination and inclusion pop up and religious overtones on changing oneself are reflected. The repeating theme is: Should humanity mess with creation? Riots arise, people protest and the world goes into further chaos. 
The thing that is strikingly reminded to us is, despite society augmenting themselves for the basic goal of healing, sports and improving day-to-day experiences, is that we forget the sinister use of technology in warfare.


The Story

The story is a continuation to what happened in Black Ops 2. If you recall, in 2025 the usage of drones was widespread in the military. The story ended with the drones being hacked and used against the US military.  Because of the attack by aerial drones, governments around the world have created a vast aerial defense system to combat UAVs. This has shifted research into ground-based technologies to circumvent the defense system. The military decides to focus on making soldiers as effective as machines, converting them to actual weapons. Major advances into cybernetics have taken place to the point of unmanned bipedal drones working alongside heavily augmented soldiers.

It’s an interesting narrative, set in 2065, 45 years after the previous game. Treyarch has claimed the story is the most complex one they have written thus far, bringing in futurists to help shape the story arc. Some of the new ideas they have come up with are far removed from previous iterations of COD games. One example is the use of mind control on both drones and other soldiers. Although farfetched, we can see it being plausible with current prosthetics and mind controllable games available today.


COD multiplayer and the next generation consoles

Activision decided not to include the campaign mode in previous generation consoles. Activision has stated the "up to four player co-op" was the defining reason for not allowing the campaign element on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The systems would have issues with handling all the requirements. Instead, those consoles will only get the multiplayer segment and multiplayer zombie mode. These game versions also have additional limitations, such as  missing features like   the "Weapon Paint Shop".

The tradeoff means the 360 and PS3 versions are $10 cheaper. Fans who only play multiplayer mode will consider this a bargain. However, if you're looking for the story mode and own the last generation consoles, this may be a reason to consider upgrading.


Release and requirements

The game will be released on November 6 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 (No Campaign mode), PS3 (No Campaign mode) and the PC. 
The PC version minimum requirements are:
•    Windows 7 64-Bit
•    Intel Core i3-530 @ 2.93GHz
•    6 GB RAM
•    GeForce GTX 470 @ 1GB/Radeon HD 6970 @ 1GB or equivalent 
•    DirectX Version 11
•    Broadband 
•    DirectX compatible sound card

Check out Sony and Microsoft for possible discounts and offers for the game when it is released: 

Photo credit: Treyarch


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